Cospha Division

The Cosmetics Division is one of the fastest growing divisions in Oleofine. Our R & D department has developed speciality products based on oleochemical derivatives for the leading multinational brands. These products include Pearlescents, Emulsifiers, Emollients, Stabilizers and Cream bases. All additives are obtained from natural vegetable sources making them eco-friendly and harmless.

Our range of cospha additives:


Glyceryl Mono Stearate (SE, NSE, AS)
 Self Emulsifying
 Non Self Emulsifying
 Acid Stable

Excellent Primary and Auxiliary Emulsifiers
Bases for Creams and Lotions
Opacifiers, Emollients and Bodying agents
Stabilizers for Creamy and Liquid Emulsions
Widely used Component for Stable Consistency
Used for the Adjustment of Stick Preparations
Sustained Release Agents in Pharma Applications
Major uses include Creams ie. Vanishing Creams, Cleasing Creams, Emollients Creams, Whitening Creams, Barrier Creams, Lotions, Hair care products, Anti-perspirants, Sun screens, Topical Creams and Ointments
Distilled Mono Glycerides Emulsifiers and Bodying Agents
Base Materials for Creams and Ointments
Refatting and consistency giving Aids
Viscosity Improver for Surfactant formulations
Emollients and Opacifiers
Controlled Release Vehicles in Pharma applications
Stabilizers for Emulsion
Major uses include Crème Rinses, Creams, Lotions, Liquid Soaps, Deodorants, Conditioners, Make-up and Anti-perspirants
Glyceryl Mono Oleate Primary and Auxiliary Emulsifiers
Lubricants and Spreading Agents in Bath Oils
Pigment Dispersants in Make-up
Slip Agents in Vanishing and Moisturizing Creams
Major uses include Creams , Lotions, Hair Rinses, Make-up, Shaving Preparations, Conditioners and Toiletries
Ethylene Glycol Mono/Di Sterate
Opacifying and Pearling Agents in Shampoos, Liquid Soaps and Hair Rinses
Emulsifiers and Bodying Agents in Cosmetic Preparations
Emollients and Emulsion Stabilizers
Major uses include Creams, Lotions, Shampoos, Liquid Soaps, Hair Rinses, Shaving Creams, Sunscreens, and Emulsions