Polymer Division

Oleofine Organics has been a pioneering force in producing a wide range of polymer additives for the processing of plastics.

Finalux, Finawax, Finabond, Finastat, Plastaid, Fynol and Finoafog are types of additives developed to suit specific applications considering a particular need of the polymer producer, compounder, processor and end-user.

The diversity of oleochemistry has enabled us to synthesize a wide range of additives for PVC, Polyolefins, Styrenics, Polyamides and other Engineering plastics.

Our range of Polymer additives:

Type Product Application
PVC Finalux/Finawax range of additives depending upon end product Internal / External lubricants, compatible external lubricants, Composite lubricants. Organics and Synthetic waxes.
Flow improver, Mould release & melt viscosity reduction
Finastat 9500 Antistatic agent
Finastat EXL100 Antistatic agent
Polyolefins Finawax-E Primary amide - Good slip and anti-block agent
Finawax-O Primary amide - Slip agent
Finawax-S Saturated primary amide - Anti-block agent
Finawax-B Anti-block agent
Finawax-SE Secondary fatty amide - Slip agent
Finawax-OPA Secondary fatty amide - Slip agent
Finastat 9500 Antistatic agent
Finastat 163 Antistatic agent
Finafog 100 Antifog agent
Finanox 18 Secondary antioxidant
Compound Masterbatches Plastaid T Multifunctional processing aid (MPA)
Plastaid 440 Processing aid
Plastaid PYN Antifribrillation additive
Plastaid GR943 Processing aid
Finalux G3 Secondary plasticizer for PVC
Finalux G101 Internal lubricant. Wetting & dispersing agent
Fynol 40 Viscosity depressant for PVC paste processing
Finanox 18 Secondary antioxidant
Finawax E Primary amide - Good slip and anti-block agent
Finawax O Primary amide - Slip agent
Finawax C Fatty bis-amide wax
Styrenic compounds Finalux G151 Flow improver
Plastaid T Multifunctional processing aid (MPA)
Finalux G401 Dispersing aid
Finawax C Fatty bis-amide wax - lubricant, dispersing aid & mould release
Finawax G3 Wetting agent, luvbricant & dispersing aid
Finalux G101 Lubricant
Finawax PS Mould release agent
Finalux G748 Lubricant
Finalux G322 Lubricant
Finastat 9500 Antistatic agent
Finastat 1726 Antistatic agent
Finastat 1518 Antistatic agent
Engineering plastics Finalux G748 Processing aid
Finalux G322 Lubricant
Finawax C Fatty bis-amide wax
Finawax VL Slip agent & flow improver
Finalux G701 High molecular weight complex compatible lubricant
Finawax SS Secondary fatty amide - mould release
Finawax SE Secondary fatty amide - slip agent
Finawax OPA Secondary fatty amide
Finalux G401 Dispersing aid
Finalux G728 High molecular weight complex compatible lubricant
Finastat 9500 Antistatic agent
Finastat EXL100 Antistatic agent
Foamed products Finastat 9500 Antistatic agent
Finawax S Cell size regulator for PE foam
Thermosets Plastaid T Multifunctional processing aid (MPA)
Finawax C Fatty bis-amide wax

Product Application Definition

Finawax Amide 
Finawax range of fatty amides are used to improve Slip, Antiblocking and Mould release properties of the polymers. Finawax amides are based on fatty saturated and unsaturated straight chain, monocarboxylic acids derived from naturally occurring vegetable oils.

Finalux lubricants 
Additives used to improve flow characteristics of polymers. Depending upon compatibility in a polymer, these materials can function internally or externally. Internal lubricants reduce melt viscosity, which promotes flow.

External lubricants reduce friction between the polymer melt and the metal surfaces of the processing equipment. Injection moulding,external lubricants are referred to as internal mould release additives.

A balance of internal and external lubrication leads to increased production rates and/or reduced energy.

Plastaid processing aids 
Plastaid multifunctional processing aids are developed specially for Filled Thermoplastics Compounds, Colour Masterbatches,Thermosetting and Rubber Compounds.

These high performance processing aids improve flow and mould release properties of highly filled compounds for plastic furniture, automobile parts, defence, aerospace,household consumer durables etc.

Finastat antistatic agents 
Additives that migrate to the surface to dissipate static charge through association with moisture in the air.

Finastat range of Internal and External type antistatic agents are used in various polymers like Polyethylene, Polypropylene, ABS, PVC etc. These Finastatantistats are both Nitrogen-free and Nitrogen-containing types.

Finawax synthetic waxes 
Flow improver and mould release agents for various polymers

Viscosity depressants 
Additives, having good compatibility with PVC, to reduce the viscosity of PVC paste used for applications like coating, dip moulding etc.

Finafog antifog additives
Suitable for antifogaddirives for PE/PP/EVA/PVC/PET agricultural and food packaging films. These additives have good heat stability, compatibility and comply with food contact regulations. Finafog types perform efficiently under cold and hot fog conditions.